Are you an entrepreneur? Is the tough world of business for you?

The above question can only be answered by one’s ethos and dedication and more importantly attitude towards risk not only in financial sense but in the most important things in one’s life “Time & Health”.

Time is priceless, once is gone can not be bought, health is also priceless once is damaged then all the money in the world will not fix it.

I write these words based on my personal experience at age of 51, I took on the world of business from very early on age of 17, at 51 I have completed by path and taken an exit, I now no longer run a business, I invest to maintain my life.

To embark on self-employment just like everything else in life, you need a damn good reason, so what is your reason, is it?

  • Title/prestige?

  • Drive to create?

  • Self development?

  • Purely financial?

  • Or something else?

Do you have the endurance of years of :

  • Not making money?

  • No time to rest and play?

  • Being the only one who the buck stops at?

  • sacrificing quality time for building a business of any size?

whether it is a small hair saloon, coffee shop or an IT company, is your health up to it?

Self-employment is a tight rope above a wild river that one needs to cross and the only way you can cross it is by:

  • exceptional planning,

  • training,

  • balanced mind and soul,

You can not be:

  • panicking

  • become arrogant

  • Complacent

By keeping your focus and keeping in mind your initial ethos of a quality business with exceptional customer service from day one to the end, many lose their path once they are busy and making money, become complacent to need for maintaining a well-balanced customer service and ethical ethos and before they know it they are done in.

An entrepreneur seeks advice but takes their own view of the final path and how their business needs to be set up and ran.

There are no one in this planet can tell you that your business idea is good or bad, you will be the one to judge that based on realistic research and understanding your businesses’ place in the crowded market, your gut will tell you if you are right or wrong not someone who is not the soul of the business, take advice from experts to make sure you are legal but take calculated risks to grow and succeed.

You are an entrepreneur if you think of an idea, you plan it and execute it.

Regardless of the size of the business, I wrote a business plan which did not follow any other industry norm but told the story of what I want to achieve and why, no template online or adviser can write the business plan for you, it needs to come from deep inside and defended passionately based on comprehensive research and market understanding.

The day I completed the exit of the business I founded and expanded for 17 years, I sat in my car and cried because for me my business was oxygen and purpose but I also considered time and how short life is and how much my legacy/team will benefit from a bigger and stronger organisation and how much I and my family will benefit from quality uninterrupted time to enjoy fruits of hard work.

Self-employment can be very rewarding but also self-destructing, plan, build and let go when time comes.

This is only one man’s opinion; you the entrepreneur decide your path.

Mahyar Mortazavi

Director 4 Hire Ltd

May 2022