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Welcome to Director 4 Hire Ltd., where as a client of D4H you can tap into a world of

business related advice and support. Over past 30 years I, Mahyar Mortazavi, have

 been involved and even created businesses in number of different sectors such as

software and hardware, catering, retailing and one of Scotland's most successful

childcare businesses Wee Gems childcare group.

I have been on the board of West Lothian chamber of commerce, panel and aftercare

adviser for Princess Scottish Youth Business Trust and member of the Royal Merchant

company of Edinburgh. My ultimate claim to fame is that I am not a plain sea sailor, I

have experienced the most horrific days of business as well as the ultimate glories and it is ultimately people who experienced real hardship in business and have managed to change their fortune around, are the ones to give pragmatic advice which no other plain see sailors can give you.

What I can deliver is street wise and hardcore advice with no boundaries and I can give you access to a group of highly credible people who work with me to make sure you achieve your goal.

if you need advice to go grow or manage business stress or just want to brain storm just drop me an email.